Who am I and What do I do in the world of Hovercraft?

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This has confused me to. I am a very honest person and whether it’s good for business or not I tell of my failures as well as my triumphs. I have searched for an identify in the hovercraft world for a decade at least now. I started WA Hovercraft in 2007. I’ve been building hovercraft long before that. I am at 19 builds and counting. I have worked on Salt Lakes in Australia carting, drilling, transport, surveys, ore recovery, drone recovery I also worked as a wind machine on adverts. The Rhino hovercraft was used in The live show Clarkson Hammond and May. See the video in video section. This is an earlier version on the Rhino Hovercraft. Now I have done all this since 2007. So while I was searching for and Identify one found me. I am the can do man with Hovercraft. If you have an idea I will give it a shot. Also I am not a manufacturer of mass produced hovercraft. Or moulded Hovercraft. What I do is churn out. New, different, hand built and quite possibly the most awesome hovercraft on the planet. I started building from plans gotten off the internet from around the world. Through doing all this various work I have developed a sixth sense as to what technologies could be bended and reworked into a Hovercraft. My talent lies in forward thinking, backwards thinking and being present to develop new, different and the most extreme hovercraft ever seen. To build Hovercraft do new things and be useful or just be pure fun.

I build at my own pace and with my own cash. I do not take deposits or promise a new craft in a short time frame. I do not build for anyone other than me. So If you manage to find one of my craft for sale know it is built with passion and will be the best I could do. Over time I’ve got to be a much better builder so later models are more advanced, they use my personal ideas and touches.

All my hovercraft were and are hand built with hand tools. They are all unique, this means no two hovercraft I have built are the same to date. So if you have managed to get one of the 19 out there, you have something no one else has on the planet. How cool is that.