What does it cost to fly a Hovercraft per hour.

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Just because I want to know. I’ll try and to a rough calculation as to what it costs to fly a hovercraft.

Using a Rotax 582 as the engine. cost $8500 once you get all the ad ons to make it go. This engine lasts 300 hours before TBO. To get another 300 hrs you need to almost pay for the engine again. Around $5000

I’ll just use the first 300 hours. so $8500 / 300

You get a figure of $28 per hour you use the engine.

In 300 hours you will probably use 2 fans @$350 ea

You get $2.30 per hour

Belts are $150 ea in 300 hrs expect to use 3

You get $1.50 per hour

Skirts at least two sets probably a lot more if you take your time to do the hours. Set of skirts $2000 if you want someone else to sew them.

You get $13.30 per hour

Fuel I’ll use 15L per hour @ $1.30 per L

You get $19.50

2 stroke oil. $40 per 4 L . 50:1 ratio. 300ml for an hour

You get $3 per hour.

Now there are other things to consider like coolant, batteries, fuel filters. I know this but to keep it as simple as I’ll just use the parts above to get a very rough calculation.

All together you are looking at $67.60 per hour. This is running costs not including the purchase price or building materials of the craft itself.