Upgraded Black Rhino.

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During this refit I have, Kevlar covered the bottom of the craft. Reinforced the skirt hooks with alu bar under the Kevlar coat for the hooks to securely be either screwed or riveted. I painted the bottom of the hull with rubber paint and put alu bar in lines as well as on the common impact points. It has no landing feet as such but is protected. The top side got a good flattening. lightweight bog and lots of sanding. I then covered the entire hull in Carbon fibre again. It had only one layer the first time and this was not as stiff as I liked. I coated the carbon fibre in 5 coats of epoxy clear two pac paint. I made the engine frame to fit the duct and the two parts to connect to the hovercraft. I upgraded the engine to a Rotax 582 65hp. It has 15 more ponies than the first time out. I redid the engine monitoring system with a carbon fibre dash. Fully upgraded switches including a 12v outlet. Battery isolation, Deadmans switch. Upgraded steering integrated into the new seat. New battery and fuel compartments. New fuel tank. I put gunnels on it I put some nice chromed bars for passengers. New Engine guard. New rubber flooring. The list is very very long. I thinks she looks pretty good and everywhere you look you will see detail and effort.

New Rhino

New Rhino