Tempest is Close

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A little while back I put the Tempest out to pasture. The exile did not last very long at all. She has been brought back in stunning fashion. I spent many weeks bogging and sanding to get a smooth finish to the hull. I then re covered the hull in carbon fibre. So now it sits flat, she was a little bumpy before. The adding of more carbon fibre had the added benefit of strengthening the hull further with out adding to much weight. Carbon fibre is very light. I added aluminium highlights and a gunnel for looks and hit protection. I changed the steering to go under the new seat. The new seat will take three people now not just the one as before. I added an instrument cluster where there was nothing before. The handle bars remain but installed nicely this time with no steering mechanism showing. I put the fuel tank under the seat so it is not seen anymore. I have built an engine frame and will be installing a Rotax 582 this time, I put the Rotax 503 in the shed. She now has 15 more hp to burn. I am almost ready to install the engine just getting the duct in the right place and the rubber mounts the right height. So from the prototype that she was she is turning into a very good-looking lass. The ugly duckling is becoming a beautiful swan. I am very pleased with her looks. I hope you will be to. I think all the hard work and attention to detail is paying off. From concept to a finished Hovercraft has taken almost two years. Good things take time after all.new rhino painted 026