Still building

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Both the Accipiter and the Tempest are being made pretty. I did try and sell them as they were. Performance is not enough if they are not pretty I have found. I do what I can to keep the cost of the hovercraft down. I figure they can always be made pretty. What is difficult is making them work well in the first place. I do get a little frustrated when people want cheap and pretty. These two things do not generally go together in life let alone in hovercraft. So I am working hard bogging and sanding away. The process is dusty and dirty and takes longer than the design and building phase put together. The finished result will be awesome. Guess what, they will be expensive as well. Oh well I can only but try to lead the horse to water, the drinking is up to the horse.

Tempest has a new reinforced hull with more Kevlar and more carbon. A bullet won’t hurt it now. It has 65 hp not 50 hp. It has a new engine frame. It will have new seating so it can take passengers. I will put some storage space in it. I will hide the battery and the fuel tank. I will put plenty of bling on it in aluminium and carbon fibre highlights. Lots of work to do but i’ll get there.

Accipiter is getting the decks smoothed out. I’ll paint them and make them look awesome. I have a new engine frame which lowers the EA81 Subaru engine and changes the drive ratio. The fan will spin faster and push like a madman. It will also clear the duct entrance and allow more airflow at all speeds. Low speed steering will improve as will the top end speed by quite some margin. She is going to be quite a hovercraft.

When they are both finished they will be worth plenty as they are both one offs. Designed and built by WA Hovercraft. The world has never seen these two hovercraft and never will again. I have my doubters but they drive me on and always have. These two hovercraft are in my opinion very good and perform at a very high level. I look forward to finishing the beautifying and unveiling two spectacular hovercraft. It will happen here in the not to distant future. Stay tuned.