Hovercraft Work For You

Hovercraft can cross anything flat, and fast.  We can get places other transport cannot. Flooded areas are no problem for a hovercraft. We can move gear and people. The viper 5 has room for 4 passengers and a pilot. Or a combination of gear and passengers, or just gear. You’d be surprised at what we can carry. If you currently use a helicopter for work a hovercraft can cut your costs and carry more.

We are happy to work for individuals or companies, private or commercial. Any thing is possible just ask.

We will work anywhere, anytime calendar permitting. The hovercraft is just as at home on the water as a Salt Lake or any flat surface. We will consider any project and work out a price for you.

There are no prices on here as they can vary considerably from one job to the next. We work out of Perth so Travel is part of the cost. We try to keep this to a minimum so we can be used all over the State (and have been) For costings of your project or job please supply some details of what you wish to do and where and we’ll get something put together for you.

Could you use us on your Salt Lake project?  We can provide guidance on your project. We can carry out your project for you or we can just help you get started, whatever you need.

Need to get to some hard to reach places, at speed?

Flooded and need to get somewhere?

We have a commercially qualified pilot with a coxswains licence. This allows us to fly a 12 m vessel up to 15 nautical miles from shore. Our pilot is well versed in hovercraft mechanics and electrical systems, ensuring safety on the job at all times in remote areas.  We have carried out this type of work for clients in WA, references available on request. We have many hours of experience in all weather conditions. We can provide the pilot and the hovercraft or we can fly your hovercraft. We can also train your crew to fly safely and maintain a hovercraft in top working condition. Our hovercraft is fitted with many pieces of safety equipment including a full tool box to remove and fix anything on the craft, Epirb, 27 mhz, VHF, mobile phone, spot light, 12V power supply. Paddles, safety rope. Life Jackets and hearing protection for all passengers. The Hovercraft we use is fitted with grab rails and non slip matting on the deck and entry points.  GPS for locating exact points of reference. We are very safety conscious at all times. The hovercraft is very quiet for a hovercraft full power  noise is 100db at 3 ft. Sound is directional and can be minimised using lower power settings.

We will consider any type of  work in Western Australia. We are located in Perth, WA we know our conditions and our craft. If you would like to know our rates or any other information.  Drop us a line in the contact us section. Or call us directly numbers in the contact us section.

Viper 5

Viper 5

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New Rhino

New Rhino