New Hovercraft

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Currently in production is a 15ft 5inch Hovercraft original design by Universal Hovercraft. The craft has been modified from the UH12r plans. It will be powered by two engines. A 65hp Rotax for thrust connected to a propeller. A 13hp lift engine connected to a multiwing fan. It will have a bag type skirt for a very stable ride. The craft will be capable of some very high speeds around 70mph. It is a wood rib and stringer craft with coreflute as its covering. Glass Fibre is added for strength and rigidity. Foam floatation has been added for buoyancy. I will add some pictures later in the building process. Pictures have been taken throughout the build and there are heaps of them. This craft will be for sale as soon as it has completed its trails. If you are interested drop us a line.