National Hovercraft Rally 2017

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I have been on holiday and had some great thinking time. The ideas are flowing faster than I can get them built.

I will be bringing a very unique never before seen ‘well most of it anyways’ hovercraft to the 2017 rally. If you thought Tempest was cool. Built in three months from concept to prototype. Another two years on and she is a very different looking craft. Done in sparling carbon fibre with aluminium accents. Now sporting a 65hp Rotax engine. She brutally fast and manoeuvres in a 360 degree arc on the spot land or water. Not only does the Rhino Hovercraft tick the speed enthusiasts boxes, Rhino is a fantastic cruising craft she punches way above her size. A large ferry wave is no problem, white caps forming on the waves, again no problem. With a crazy power to weight ratio the Rhino Hovercraft rides a very good cushion, this in turn means better obstacle clearance including the waves as aforementioned. When designed the Rhino was given a larger cushion footprint by way of larger than normal size skirts. these were contained by a deeper hull and lower attach points. Flotation was an important inclusion and if cut in half you would still get something to float on. With room for three or go fast with one The rhino will do the job. The ape hanger bars are not just for wicked looks. You can stand up and use your weight to pull tighter turns. Or to see further ahead. Maybe just to get some wind in your face. Electric start for easy use. Large 950mm Duct with electric elevator and push pull rudders. This craft is the bomb. Yet I’m not bring it to the rally, WHY???? You ask in unison. Because I have something brand new, never seen at a rally I’ve been to. It can’t have it came out of my head. I’m adding to it to make it the coolest hovercraft you have laid eyes on. Not maybe the best built but cracking hot stuff. I don’t build perfection, I build awesome, believe that!