Going 4 Stroke

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Many hovercraft around the world run on two stroke engines for their power to weight ratio. The Rotax engine series have been used in many designs. with two stroke engines they love to be loved and used. Leave one sitting around and almost 100% it will not start easily or at all. Two stroke engines wear out very quickly 300hrs to full rebuild. That is a rotax figure. The cost to rebuild a two stroke is enormous. We have decided to build an interchangeable 4 stroke power module for our Viper 5. Working on land and salt lakes does not reqire the same power to weight ratio as running a hovercraft over water. So an automotive 4 stroke engine is within weight limits. The 4 stroke engine will lower our maintiance costs and the fuel bill to. No need to pay for two stroke oil either. So as you all can read in the last two posts WA Hovercraft is advancing and lowering costs as fast as possible. If you have a tough project on a salt lake or any flat surface we can help you. We will work with you and come up with a solution.Now if you have some really crazy project way out the back of beyond … we go there to.