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Good to see some pics from the Rally. Here are a couple taken on the small SA run we did with Jeremy & Family on their way over.

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Fantastic effort Jeremy! Both the effort to build the craft and the mammoth drive over by you, Miranda and the kids! I was great to have you all there and I’m really glad you felt that it was worth the effort. Attached one more photo for the collection ( in low res) I have this and more in much higher resolution so if you’d like the “originals” let me know and we’ll figure out a way to get them to you.

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Cheers and thanks, Flemming and Buck.

I’ll tell you that 7500km is a long way to come and show off a hovercraft for the weekend. Was it worth it, a MIGHTY YES it was. Tempest was flawless with no breakdowns even though I did my best to destroy her. (see previous post) I could not have possibly imagined nothing would go wrong at all, especially with my track record. So I am very pleased my imaginings became something that actually works well.

I did put a awful lot of time and effort into Tempest’s creation. Even though it seemed a short period of time, it was a pretty intense period. Reading back I did some wicked days and hours. A massive thank you to my beloved wife for putting up with my obsessions and understanding sometimes I just can’t stop.

I would invite anyone who has viewed or got to fly Tempest, to convey your impressions and observations for our forum readers good or bad. I will also answer any questions anyone reading might have on Tempest or how to keep a marriage together while building your new mistress. :D

Feel free to add any pictures you have as I got none at the rally.

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Great to hear trip back was without major problems. Enjoyed seeing the Tempest in action, even if you did beat me in the sprint :D

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Glad To See You Got Back Ok. Thanks For The Insight Into Tempest.

Pictures of Tempest being built.

* red gumtree 016.jpg (912.19 kB, 1536×2048 – viewed 12 times.)

* red gumtree 015.jpg (793.8 kB, 1536×2048 – viewed 15 times.)

* red gumtree 024.jpg (1026.82 kB, 1536×2048 – viewed 9 times.)

* red gumtree 025.jpg (1025.27 kB, 1536×2048 – viewed 11 times.)

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Kevin Dixon on the Murray. Love the big Grin after a burn on Tempest.

Below Bruno Davids on Tempest.

* tempest 074.JPG (250.87 kB, 832×624 – viewed 16 times.)

* tempest 079.JPG (241.13 kB, 832×624 – viewed 14 times.)


Home and safe. A very long trip home 4 days of 10 hours each. We have all made it safely. The 4th day was very challenging crossing the Nullabour in the dark 4.30 am in heavy fog that lasted for 300km. We travelled a distance of 7500km to Moe and back.

I think the Black Rhino was well received at the 2015 Rally. There was lots of interest and plenty of questions. Tempest performed very well in the events without taking a placing. Tempest did make the sprint final but was left out after the officials oversight. If you ask me I am pretty sure I had it in the bag. I let the throttle off in both heats before the finish so as not to push to hard.

There was one incident. Yes I did fall out, lets call it pilot error. No damage done to The Black Rhino she is tough. I would never do that to a hovercraft on purpose. Lets call it a test passed.

Here is a great picture of Bruno Davids of the SA hovercraft club. He is the perfect model for the Black Rhino Hovercraft. Thanks Bruno

On the journey over and back Kevin and Christine Dixon in Adelaide looked after us like family. Providing a house to stay and lunch and dinner. Not to mention fixing my steering on Tempest. Kevin also added some flavour to Tempest with a custom made beacon holder, awesome. We can’t say thank you enough for your hospitality.

I will post more pictures of Tempest, the Black Rhino Hovercraft. Give me a day or so to recover from the drive.

* tempest 080.JPG (251.84 kB, 832×624 – viewed 16 times.)

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We were fortunate to go out hovering with Jeremy and family on Thursday, who took some time out from many days of driving to accompany myself and Kevin to the Murray River.
We had three craft in attendance, Jeremy with Tempest, Kevin with his Hornet and myself with the Eclipse. Despite a bit of a late start due to traffic delays we had a great day on the river. Temperature was around 20 degrees and winds were light which made great conditions for hovering.
The first run was a short trip up river and into one of the small lagoons, which was scattered with reeds and small tree stumps, requiring some well planned navigation. All craft ran well, but Jeremy lost a few rear segments so we headed back to the launch site for some quick repairs.
We did a number or runs up and down the river and Kevin & I were also given the opportunity to take Tempest for a spin. The craft is light and responsive and jumps out of the water and over hump very quickly. Have never driven a craft with a Harley seat and ape hanger bars before so it feels a bit like a scene from Easy Rider.
The reception from a number of people camping in the area was good, with a number of the campers taking an interest in the craft.
After a few runs we loaded the craft up by mid afternoon and made our way back home. Jeremy and family were leaving from Victoria Friday morning so needed to make a early start.

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Day 5. Out hovering on the Murray with the SA club. Good turn out for a weekday. Bruno has offered to do the cruise report so stay tuned. Off to Moe tomorrow. A long drive ahead. Not sure we will make the bbq but we will dam sure try! 2015 hover rally we are there. Oh the Rhino still runs very well

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Day 4 Adelaide, meet Kevin Dixon today and fixed the damage done on the way over. Kevin did a great welding job to fix the snapped m10 bolt. The hours went by quickly as I got a hovercraft education from a very experienced Kevin. He offered accommodation and we have gratefully accepted. Hovering on the Murray tomorrow, can’t wait!

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Day 3 making good time. Should arrive at kimba today. Rough journey for tempest the big trucks are taking their toll. Repairs will be needed.

On our Way East Coast Dwellers

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All packed, fuelled up, trailer hitched and ready to roll out to the rally. It is never as easy as writing it for sure, the first lot of trailer lights wouldn’t indicate left. I fiddled then the lights didn’t work at all. So then I had to rewire the old lights. After what seemed an eternity for a 5 min job I did get a working light bar.

Adelaide boys we are on the way tune up those hovers to try and keep up with the Rhino. :D. Bruno Davids has kindly organised with the SA club for West and South to have a cruise on the Murray, thanks Bruno. It is happening this Thursday 9/4/15 A good turn out is expected Bruno tells me. My family and I are looking forward to it very much. (My darling wife for a break from travelling with our children Aurora 5 and Jericho 2)

I have passed over the mighty Murray 5 times and each time I have wanted to fly its fine smooth waters. Avid readers, fans and doubters look forward to a cruise report the night before the 2015 rally where either spectacular and epic failure or a small tick in the box will occur. Where is your money? Mines on Tempest beating the odds as long as the journey over agrees with her.

2015 Hovercraft Rally, Moe, Victoria HERE WE COME with Tempest in tow, the wait is almost over to see what this guy has been on and on about……… Finally!!!!!

out from under the cover

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Thanks Tony for the info, it inspires confidence that even if the weather won’t play we still can. Shivering and complaining I’ll get Tempest out. Last few days of prepping for the journey. Lots of things to organise and pack. The back of the car is like a Tetris game to get in and out. We got a Waco fridge for the trip a much needed piece of equipment to keep the beers cold for the evenings spent looking up at the Southern Cross. Only 3 sleeps till we leave.

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Jeremy never fear Lake Narracan is not a huge body of water so is less wind effected than large Lakes, surrounded by rolling hills on one side and narrow channels along its length it is an all weather lake compared to larger lakes.,+Victoria+3825/@-38.1600174,146.3162318,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b290f1866127c31:0x2a0579a46d5ebb40

Local indoor

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So are we to meet at the local indoor swimming pool should the weather be inclement? Knowing Melbourne just wait an hour and we’ll get something different. I am sure there will be calm periods to get the hovers on show. Rain is fine as we all know, it is wind that is not fun for us!

Can’t wait to get on the road, getting all twitchy with anticipation.

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It seems that quite a few menbers will be attending without a craft this year or else can’t attend at all for a variety of good reasons. However, your Rhino is still going to have to stand out from a group of 20 + craft some small, some big and some bigger again…. (exact numbers are still not clear but I don’t think we will make 30) I’ve put in the requst in regard to the weather but the weather Gods are a fickle lot so we will just have to wait to see what they dial up…. What I can say is that the contingency plans if the weather is not optimal is strong so a good time is guaranteed one way or other…. :)

Photo release.

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I have plenty of photos ready to go. There are a few floating about in the general public at present. They have all been told to hold the presses until Saturday the 11th. After that go nuts. Tempest is rather unique looking and as her name suggests she will cause commotions where ever she goes. Its not that I built the best ever hovercraft, it is that she appeals to a large demographic and leverages off a more popular invention than the Hovercraft. :o

How cryptic is that? You will all know what I mean as soon as you see it. You’ll know which one is the Black Rhino even if it is sitting amongst 30 other hovercraft and you have never seen it before.

How many craft are attending the rally Peter? Yes please, organise a nice weekend for us. The Black Rhino was born in warm weather and might not want to come out from under her cover if it is to cold and rainy. :P

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A shame I can’t come down to see the long anticipated unvall I’m going to have to wait for the pictures to be uploaded cheers Ben

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The weather down this way right now is actually rather stunning. Blue skys, calm and mid to high 20′ today and tommorrow at least. Then a bit of a dip over Easter but I’m really hoping that we will score top weather again for the rally weekend. The last touches are being applied in terms of planning and all I can say is those that can’t be there are going to miss out! Will be great to see your new craft! Would also be great if you could drag a few people over from SA on your way!!


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Looks like rain all the way to Adelaide, then sunshine Thursday for our outing. Then rain Friday all the way to Melbourne. Looks sunny for the weekend at least. We’ll do our best to drag some sunshine from the West.

Leaving Sunday morning for Norseman if we can get that far on the first day. It is always difficult to get the children to settle into driving long distances. We find by day two and a half the children get used to the routine of driving and all is much better. I am off to the Library to get some audio books they seem to keep me awake and concentrating.

Not long now, I thought the forum would be lighting up with activity this close to the Rally. Maybe in the next few days we’ll hear more?

Trailer Mods

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Yesterday was trailer day. I added two pieces of lumber to the skid rails and made them extra wide. The Rhino needs the extra surface area to load properly as the lower landing pads are within the slide rails. They need to be on them. While loading for the first time I managed to rip one of the pads off and tear a hole in the bottom of the craft. So I glassed it back up, should be dry today so I can check the other side. Tempest is on her trailer ready to roll on over to Victoria.

I added some 10mm bolts to the rudder frame as the rivets were loosening off with vibration. I redid the spinner and adjusted its place in the duct. This required some grinding and some choice words. 2mm off is always a pain in the rear.

While changing trailers I found the 582 in the Viper 5 would not play. It has been sitting without love under her cover for a few months. Took a day but I got it to fire eventually. Lesson here is two strokes require attention or they get angry. They will work forever reliably if used weekly, however you ignore it for a couple of months and you will have a job to start it. The spark on a 582 is very difficult to see but is usually there. The 582 must have enough revs to make the magneto send spark to your plugs. It will turn over all day and not start if the revs are to low. Off the top of my head around 400 rpm is needed to get a spark from the hitachi set up.


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Thanks for the positive feedback Stuart. On the day the comments were more colourful. Somewhere along the lines of “Well we never got the lightweight viper for a cruise because of fuel problems on the day. The red one sat for so long I wondered if it could move, Oh and the Shuttle that never worked at all. So I like this one cause it actually worked first time out.” Pretty close to Stuarts comments. I agree with everything he said I have had a bit of a bum run as all who have read my ramblings know.

Since that outing I have done plenty to make it more reliable and quieter.

I added an after muffler to the 503, much better mostly fan noise now.
I moved the battery forward to the front of the craft for better balance.
I rewired it again.
Skirt is now level all around the craft on the lower attach points. Not as easy as it sounds.
Safety guards in place, now no hand can enter the fan without meaning to do it.

No more work is allowed the boss has spoken. It goes as it is as more fiddling could lead to problems that I won’t finish before we leave.

Thanks for the input Stuart I’ll invite you to write again for sure. :)

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Hi all,

Been a while since I was on, and seems like an age since I was out on the Viper. Now the main news is I’m honoured, neigh privileged, to have seen the vessel that has become the Tempest. As Jeremy has said we went out for a cruise and I was very impressed with his handy work, being something that he only started two days before Xmas 20914, its pretty amazing what he has put together in such a short time.
Now I’m under pain of death should I post any images of the whole craft, but here is a taster of what’s coming over east from the west. Wish I could be there, but work priorities will get in the way.

Anyway, when went out, there wasn’t much wrong with what Jeremey has done. He has already explained that the front of it was a little high… I could see the water under the front. Sound like a hive of bees (quiet though I though) as it buzzed along and it was certainly up and off the water. We tracked at around 22 – 27 knots, it was pretty calm along Melville Water. I tracked along in echelon formation as it was the first time really out for a long ride.
All in all very impressed.