Fan Disaster

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Now not much has been written for some time. I had a small disaster in the testing of the Rhino. After all the work of the refit and getting the engine mounted and plumbed. The fan blew up within 30 seconds of leaving the shoreline. Now if it had been my engineering I could have taken it. The explosion bent the engine frame rendering it useless, destroyed the duct. My engineering wasn’t the cause. That would be why I took it badly. What happened was a sand bag that was used as ballast got sucked under the fan guard and into the fan. As the battle went the bag won and the fan was no more. I put the Rhino under wraps for 2 months before taking it apart to access the damage. good news is the duct and fan guard stopped all the debris from the fan. So no injuries on that front. I did eventually build a new frame and duct. All much improved over the last effort. So now the Rhino is a really nice craft to fly and I enjoy it a lot.