Do you want a Black Rhino?

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The Black Rhino is a creation of Hovercraft WA. She is unique and a genuine bespoke build. Many features of other hovercraft I have been influenced by are included in the design. The completed build is like nothing on the market today. I took the best of what I know and rolled it into one package. We will not be going into the moulded hovercraft business. My personal opinion is a moulded hovercraft is never a light as its custom built cousin. While building a hovercraft from scratch is more difficult and time consuming it is the best way to get the performance at a high level. I believe looks only go so far if it doesn’t work and put silly grins on a dry face. Spray is a undesirable feature on Hovercraft but a lot of hovercraft out there should just be fancy showers.

There are many hovercraft on the market today. If you want to buy one do your research and ask experts in the field which hovercraft actually work well. There are plenty that look the goods but are very disappointing in the performance field. I have seen many hovercraft over the years built 16 craft from scratch and put one kit together. Not all hovercraft are equal buyer beware.

The Black Rhino took 3 months to build and this was very fast and took long hours to complete. She has been improved every time I feel it needed to be done. I will continue The Black Rhinos evolution. The latest build is the Hover Ute she is half done right now should be a few more months till it is completed. Unless of course you reading this want me to custom build you a Black Rhino or her cheaper cousin the White Rhino. Black done in 3mm ply, carbon fibre and carbon Kevlar. White done in 3mm ply Fibreglass and Kevlar. The price depends on options chosen. Go nuts or keep it simple. You will be able to see the craft as it is being built and add personal touches to make your hovercraft unique.