Building update

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The new build coming along, The hovercraft is a big beast. I am doing the finishing for paint now. The rudders and trim wing are cut and glassed. I had to make a hot wire, I thought this might be difficult. It turns out it wasn’t that hard. A Hot wire is used to cut Styrofoam. It consists of two bits of wood some electrical cable a switch a few screws and a piece of .3 welding wire. I used a battery for a power it gives plenty of amps to do the job. It took about 15mins to put together. Send me an email if you need more details to make your own. I still need to build the thrust duct and mount it. Shouldn’t take to long. I just am finding it hard to start it. I’ll try and get started on Friday. Today I have to go to work as this build is getting a little expensive. The finished product will be top quality. I am still sourcing a good lift engine again it is just a matter of time. Mechanical parts are on the way from Universal Hovercraft USA.  I have most of the rest of the parts to finish the project. I hope by June to be testing it out. It has been raining a lot in Perth so drying times for resin and epoxy has been slowing me down some.


New Hovercraft

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Currently in production is a 15ft 5inch Hovercraft original design by Universal Hovercraft. The craft has been modified from the UH12r plans. It will be powered by two engines. A 65hp Rotax for thrust connected to a propeller. A 13hp lift engine connected to a multiwing fan. It will have a bag type skirt for a very stable ride. The craft will be capable of some very high speeds around 70mph. It is a wood rib and stringer craft with coreflute as its covering. Glass Fibre is added for strength and rigidity. Foam floatation has been added for buoyancy. I will add some pictures later in the building process. Pictures have been taken throughout the build and there are heaps of them. This craft will be for sale as soon as it has completed its trails. If you are interested drop us a line.


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Twin Seater

Craft rebuilt as twin seater. Original hull design by Viper

Modified to lower centre of gravity and to remain floating without using the main engines power. This reduces the fuel use on the main engine. It also gives a fast acceleration and stable cruise speed.  It has a little more leg room for pilot and passengers.  Fuel tanks are under the rear compartment shelf fully contained to avoid spills and to stop free surface effect. The electrics are self contained in the engine bay inside the battery box. The weight is evenly distributed so as to balance the craft nicely.

Here we see the craft in undercoat to protect the surfaces. You can see the front compartment used for storage.



Front Engine

redesigned MK3 Viper cruiser. Front engine installed to provide lift. Fan mounted directly to engine. (3500rpm) Rubbers used to stop excess vibration.