Building update

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The new build coming along, The hovercraft is a big beast. I am doing the finishing for paint now. The rudders and trim wing are cut and glassed. I had to make a hot wire, I thought this might be difficult. It turns out it wasn’t that hard. A Hot wire is used to cut Styrofoam. It consists of two bits of wood some electrical cable a switch a few screws and a piece of .3 welding wire. I used a battery for a power it gives plenty of amps to do the job. It took about 15mins to put together. Send me an email if you need more details to make your own. I still need to build the thrust duct and mount it. Shouldn’t take to long. I just am finding it hard to start it. I’ll try and get started on Friday. Today I have to go to work as this build is getting a little expensive. The finished product will be top quality. I am still sourcing a good lift engine again it is just a matter of time. Mechanical parts are on the way from Universal Hovercraft USA.  I have most of the rest of the parts to finish the project. I hope by June to be testing it out. It has been raining a lot in Perth so drying times for resin and epoxy has been slowing me down some.