Building Hovercraft

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Finally I have located and mounted the radiator. The rubber well nuts arrived from Ebay yesterday and were put to use. I use the rubber encapsulated nuts to mount all sorts of things on Hovercraft. They hold in thinly made sections and make sure things don’t move. Putting a screw in can work for a little while but is never permanent. Screws come loose over time and a little over tightening will cause them to lose grip and spin in the hole you have now made. Rawl nuts as they are called squeeze up behind the panel and cannot come out without ripping a large hole. Wonderful invention these. I put them to use and mounted the radiator to the duct under the engine. This was the only place to put it without impeding the thrust air flow. Also to keep the weight of it down as low as possible to get the centre of gravity a little lower. Getting the plumbing right was also a mission. However mission accomplished and it is in and looks good. No one will ever look at it and wonder how that got there. Infact no one will even notice or think how difficult was that to figure out. This happens a lot on hovercraft without plans. When all is done, people look at a hovercraft as one unit not a whole bunch of engineering problems solved. There are so many disciplines involved in hovercraft building it boggles the mind. Let me name a few for the record. Carpenter, Fiberglasser, Auto Electrician, Engineer, Draftsman, Fabricator, Painter. A few abstract ones as well, Dreamer, Inventor, Problem solver. I don’t think this is even the full list, in fact I know its not. Its no wonder builders are few and far between as if you pay someone to do all this work your cheap hovercraft is not going to be cheap for very long. A hovercraft is a labour of love and more of a marathon than a sprint. Hence many projects get started but never finished. It always takes longer than you think it should to finish a hovercraft. If you seek perfection it will take even longer. Sometimes as a builder you have to accept some flaws in order to finish the project. Remember you can always come back to the flaw at a later date. To all the would be builders don’t let this discourage you. There are always experts to call on and if you are willing to learn you will figure out how to get past the tricky bits. Have a go as the feeling of flying a hovercraft you dreamed of and built is amazing and will make you grin ear to ear, maybe even shed a tear or two. Its that good!