Accipter and the Tempest

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I have been a little slack updating my web site. I’ll see if I can change that.
Since last writing I never stopped building. A new hovercraft has arrived the Maxi Rhino. Her name is Accipter. This is Latin for bird of prey.

The new beast is of my own design. I drew from many different hovercraft designs to build what I think is going to be something special. It comes in at 4.24 M. Driven by a single 876mm 8 blade fan. Power comes from a modified EA81 100hp Subaru engine with Amax redrive. Made of 3mm ply sealed in epoxy paint covered in carbon fibre. The bottom of the hull is 4 inches of polyeuthrene foam. Making this craft unsinkable even if cut in half. It has special gills to make the front end glide with little skirt pressure. Kevin Dixon invented these long ago but they never caught on. Others have used half cut pipes on the hull to pull air down to prevent plow in. The air lubricates the hull bottom so it is not sucked to the water causing a nasty stop. The usual electrical actuated elevator wings. A few other surprises as well. She is registered I am awaiting the rego sticker so it can be tested.

The Rhino has been modified a few times trying to get more performance. I sewed 108 skirts or two sets before I got it right. We are onto our forth set. It has been trying and difficult. Each set was tested with very negative results. I ended up using three different size skirt segment to get the contact line perfect. To do this I put the craft on a land cruiser tyre. I can report finally today positive results. Flawless performance super quick hump time almost unnoticeable. Massive acceleration you really have to hang on now. Tempest is now back to her very best and improved as well. Takes a wave very nicely and has power to burn at 50hp. I do want to try 65hp to see what a weapon it could be. Watch this space.